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Home Renovation Safety Tips

While we at Franks Cohn Properties do renovations ourselves and employ subcontractors t work for us, we are aware that many people want to do their own renovations. That is fine but we do ask that you always consider the safety points to ensure your health and safety. PPE Personal Protective Equipment is very important… Read More »

We Are Happy To Look at Buying Your House

We are always looking at different houses in different areas and if you need to sell, please let us know. We are always looking at houses that we can renovate and bring a new lease of life to. If you are wanting a Change, To move to a new area, want to change your neighbourhood,… Read More »

Under Construction

This website is currently under construction and being loaded with posts and information regarding Franks Cohn Properties Pty Ltd. Please check back in a day or two to see more updates.