3 Tips to Survive the Coronavirus Crisis for Landlords

Contents0.1 Businesses and Landlords Worried0.2 Reduced Working Hours or Unemployment0.3 Landlords are Worried Too1 Subsidies2 2. Negotiate3 3. Protect Your Self and Assets Businesses and Landlords Worried With the onset of the Corona Virus, many landlords, and tenants for that matter have been very worried about current developments, or more accurately, the lack of direction… Read More »

Paying Rent During Covid 2019

For many residential tenants, and landlords, this is a potentially very stressful time. As a landlord myself, I have a mortgage on a property and am well aware that my tenants are good tenants and great people as individuals.

Hoarder Cleans- One of our Primary Specialties

When it comes to homes needing a hoarder clean, we apply a very specific mindset to our work.

We realise that the circumstances in which the house got to the state where it needs a hoarder clean are unique. and we work with the client to establish the best way forward.

COVID-19 – Our Management of this Issue

For many of us, the last few days and weeks have been unprecedented, and certainly, for us, it is as much of a new process to be dealing with. We are certainly still looking at properties and also looking at different development opportunities, but are doing so with much more caution and attention to safe… Read More »

Is The Property Development Boom Coming To An End?

Is The Property Development Boom Coming To An End? Is The Property Development Boom Coming To An End? By James Woolley In the UK there has been a real property development boom in recent years, thanks largely to a proliferation of property development programs on TV such as ‘Property Ladder’ which often shows even the… Read More »

6 Green House Considerations

Because of the many environmental concerns, threats and considerations, many buyers, as well as homeowners, today, have become more – and – more concerned with various factors, often referred to as green real estate.