How Not To Manage the COVID 19 Issue With Tenants

By | 8th April 2020

I am compelled to write about how not to manage the COVID 19 issue with tenants, as I saw a shocking story earlier today of a Real Estate Agent in Melbourne, with a picture of their ‘questionable form’ online.


I will not reproduce it here as I feel it would be wrong to show it. However, the gist was that if you are unable to make your rental payments, they would like more information form you- the tenant.

They wanted to know if you will be accessing your super, which is highly questionable as a legal tactic. In fact, it is illegal and real estate agents are not allowed to offer ‘financial advice’; and certainly not when it will not benefit the renter. This whole episode smacked of greed and the most grossly irresponsible behaviour I have come across. This example was from a Melbourne Real Estate agency.

I am well aware that there are certainly highly dodgy renters out there that are thinking this is a holiday to not pay a cent of rent ever again. However, I believe that this is a minority of the general populace that rent. Many are decent people that want to do the right thing.

As a landlord and renter myself, I understand both sides of the coin very well,

As I have understood from recent articles on the subject, in the absence of a specific bill from the government regarding domestic residential renting, the requirement is that the rent will be due at some point if not paid now. Hence, it is better to talk through any possibilities with the landlord regarding possible options.

This does not give the landlord license to be a disgusting grub either!

I have heard so many stories of disgraceful people who have demanded that rent be paid as normal, regardless of circumstance. It should be noted that Landlords are nothing without a tenant as it is a tenant who normally is paying the Landlord’s way. So a bit of compassion and decency both ways. Thank you.


With care, compassion and respect we can all work this out together.



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