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Franks Cohn Properties Pty Limited

Hoarder Cleans

Hoarder Cleans- One of our Primary Specialties

When it comes to homes needing a hoarder clean, we apply a very specific mindset to our work.

We realise that the circumstances in which the house got to the state where it needs a hoarder clean are unique. and we work with the client to establish the best way forward. It is an area we specialise in and we help people, non-judgementally.

Regardless of the reasons why the house became a hoarder house, we are here to help you clear the clutter and restore your home to its natural state of beauty, while at the same time helping you to restore your life to a state of clutter-free living.

While we are not always able to help directly with the cause that leads to the state of your home, we will certainly help you through the process.

We are able to respectfully clear the clutter and also keep any important documents that may be needed.

In one house that we cleaned, we rescued paperwork that had been collecting for a period of over 15 years and was able to provide vital documents for a client’s family to resolve their estate of their loved one. Without those documents, that process would have been much harder. We know it is a traumatic time for many people and can help with managing the situation from start to finish.

Each hoarder clean starts with a conversation and then an inspection of the property. We can then ascertain what is required and make the necessary arrangements, in terms of staff numbers and equipment to help with the cleanup process.

Please feel free to contact us for an obligation free quotation.

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