Franks Cohn Properties Pty Ltd

Franks Cohn Properties Pty Limited

Covid -2019

COVID-19 – Our Management of this Issue

For many of us, the last few days and weeks have been unprecedented, and certainly, for us, it is as much of a new process to be dealing with. We are certainly still looking at properties and also looking at different development opportunities, but are doing so with much more caution and attention to safe distancing and self protectin to remain as healthy as possible- for you our clients and for us too.

Please bear with us as we adjust to the new operating rules so to speak. We are operating as usual, based in our home offices. We are continuously available on our phones and by email and web forms, as per before.

Please note that we are handling all concerns and answering all questions- there may be some delays but everything is getting done.

We Are Working as Normal, During These Strange Times

Please note that our operations are ongoing as before, albeit under different operational procedures and we are answering emails and maintaining support to our clients. We are available at all times and look forward to working with you.

Franks Cohn Properties.

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