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Home Renovation Safety Tips

While we at Franks Cohn Properties do renovations ourselves and employ subcontractors t work for us, we are aware that many people want to do their own renovations. That is fine but we do ask that you always consider the safety points to ensure your health and safety.


Personal Protective Equipment is very important to your safety on the job.

When it comes to using drilling, sawing and the like, always make sure that you are wearing the right protective equipment. This might be eye goggles if you are sawing things or hearing protection, in the form of earmuffs or earplugs. Drilling and hammering can be a very noisy activity. Protecting our sight and hearing is a top priority for all concerned.

When it comes to Ladders, please remember that no one ladder fits all applications. Make sure the ladder is secure, sturdy and well set up to be well balanced and support your weight.

If you are doing electrical work, make sure the ladder is a sturdy wooden ladder too.

Breathing Protection

Make sure that when you are cleaning up old paint, as an example, that you are wearing a facemask or breathing protector, given that older paint from the time prior to the 1970s will probably have lead in it.

Also, be very mindful if you suspect there are any asbestos parts of the house that need to be removed and protected against. There are strict environmental laws about this and the need to ensure that storage and protected clothing is used at the time of removal and cleanup.


It is also very important to ensure that you have decent insurance coverage for the property while it is in your hands for renovating. This is not an expense you want to skimp on at any time. Please ensure that you have this in place a day or two before you take possession of a property to work on a renovation.

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